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Organization background

Women’s Center was established in 1996 as International Fund of Medical Women. In 1999, it changed name as Women’s Center. Its mission is to promote charitable activities for Georgian women and children by pooling together international resources from doctors, lawyers, teachers and business persons.

The activity focuses on health care, protection of women’s rights, juridical service, social service, educational program, foreign relations, training. Our organization consists of 58 volunteers,
of which 8 members are united in the Board of Directors, and six of them is a head of the following sections: Medicine, Psychology, Sociology, Judiciary Matters, Education, Economics.

The other 2 members of the Board of Directors are the President and Vice-President. All of them are volunteers, because the Women's Center has no financial resources for providing the salaries of their employees Additional volunteers of Women’s Center are working into above mentioned sections.

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